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Realistic display of
rotating wind turbines

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Wind turbines in 3D
from design to town hall meeting

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Giving wind energy an
appropriate place in the landscape

Win3D offers value on various moments in the entire wind-energy proces.

The services of Win3D

Every wind energy project has its own dynamics and demands its own specific approach. Using Win3D, our consultants are able to create solutions for every challenge within the wind planning proces.

Building blocks for policy making

How wind farms are being experienced in the landscape is an important though hard to tackle issue within the wind energy discussion. Win3D shows actual rotating wind turbines standing in the landscape.  This helps policy makers in creating realistic policy where the topic of 'experience' can have the place it deserves.

Spatial and environmental assessment (framework)

Besides environment, safety and ecology, landscape is much more often taken into consideration. Win3D makes it possible to asses all aspects of the impact on the landscape; much more then when one is only using maps and photovisualization. 

Exploring potential locations

The search for potential locations is being done with much more ease when using Win3D. Preferred locations and preferred alignments often originate from landscape criteria such as 'linking with existing structures' and a preference for lines versus clusters. Because Win3D can place and replace windturbines in different locations and alignments, exploring potential locations becomes a more realistic and efficient process.

Interactive area development

The simple process in which wind turbines can be placed inside the 3D virtual landscape enables participants of workshops to create a truly interactive design. Alignments and viewpoints are saved as scenarios and are reopened in the next session. Wind farm designs can be saved and directly used in technical and environmental studies. This way Win3D can fit seamlessly into existing ongoing processes. 

Interactive 3D Models

The attractive 3D environment of Win3D offers many possibilities to show wind turbines. Navigation is based on 3D gaming and enables users (under guidance of our consultants) to freely move through the landscape and asses the impact for themselves from all possible angles.

3D animation

Wind turbines are not static objects. The rotating rotor blades create an essential part of the total experience. Win3D shows this movement. By walking through the virtual landscape and recording this as an animation, it is possible to give a realistic impression. Animations can easily be saved and digitally shared.

3D images

By using Win3D one can easily choose a certain viewpoint and with a push of a button save the current view as a picture. In this way it is possible to create  range of 3D pictures in a very short time. This is a great advantage over photo visualisations where every shot has to be physically photographed and edited.

Virtual reality - Oculus Rift

Win3D can directly be used with the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is virtual reality device that enables users to really navigate through a (virtual) landscape and look around. This makes it possible to assess the impact of wind turbines as realistic as possible.