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About Win3D

Win3D Interactive tool

Win3D is specifically designed for on- and offshore wind projects.  The main goal is to offer a tool that makes it possible to design and plan wind farms in 3D and to do so in collaboration with stakeholders.


The 3D Landscape model

The attractive 3D environment offers many possibilities for displaying wind turbines in the landscape. Controls are based on 3D gaming and make it possible for users (under guidance of our professionals) to navigate through the landscape and explore all thinkable viewpoints.

It is possible to export high quality images and animations for communication and assessment purposes.


Wind turbines

Win3D contains truthful (rotating!) 3D versions of wind turbines from nearly all major manufacturers. This enables the user to really asses the impact of different  wind turbines.


With Win3D different locations, different alignments and different types of wind turbines can be assessed ‘on site’. The software makes it possible to view the future wind farm from all possible angles.



Different wind farm alignments can be saved as scenarios. When standing on a certain spot in the virtual 3D landscape one can change between scenarios and see the difference.


Win3D makes it easy to navigate through the landscape and the air, thereby allowing the user to take every position thinkable and view the wind turbines.